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    By Eleanor R. Mayo  Bub Dolliver was home to stay. He had fled five years before, a hot-headed rebellious youth, a town-terror who had won the cold hatred of the townspeople, a bitter lad who did not care if he ever saw Minot Harbor again. He returned, stubbornly determined to erase his past from the long memory of the villagers and make them accept him as a responsible, honest, hard-working member of the community.  His reception was as cold as his worst fears.몰나沒那集  이 글은 沒那子가 建元 10十八(1008)年의 1년간 無事消遣할 때에 破寂거리로 漫筆을 揮한 것이니 大體로 무국주의 사상의 道破인 것이다.  社會進化의 道程은 人格向上의 階段이다!  人格向上의 動力은 環境의 適을 戰取하는 個我의 活動에 있다!  人類의 歷史는 人格鬪爭의 記錄이다!

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